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Toyo Tires - Observe G3-Ice Studded / Cloute - P245/50R18 100T BSW

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Toyo Tires - Open Country MT - LT385/70R16 D 130Q BSW

studded tires

Toyo Tires M55 LT265/70R18 124/121Q E/10 M55 TL – High Intake Performance

studded tires

Toyo Tires GSi performance winter tires featuring Microbit studless technology

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farmers almanac predicts snowy winter ahead.

"It′s going to be a true winter, with something like 335 centimetres of snow" - almanac editor.

keep abreast of
changing road conditions

Protect yourself and your family by investing in a new set of snow tires, it could be the best decision you ever make. Winter tires especially designed for our harsh climate and variable often treacherous conditions offer a big advantage over so-called all season tires which are a poor substitute when it comes to winter driving. Statistically the difference was enough to persuade the Québec government to make them mandatory.

the winter tire advantage:

  1. softer rubber stays flexible in subzero temperatures for better traction
  2. bigger treads grip better in snow
  3. a shorter stopping distance helps avoid collisions

tips to prevent accidents in snowy conditions:

  1. before setting out check forecast and road conditions
  2. give yourself extra time and don′t be forced to rush
  3. clear snow from your vehicle and make sure lights,
       front and rear are working and visible
  4. make sure your wipers are working properly and that
       you have plenty of washer fluid
  5. concentrate on your driving and avoid distractions
  6. reduce speed and increase distance from other vehicles
  7. avoid using cruise control
  8. give a wide berth to trucks and maintenance vehicles